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With a team of experienced, licensed and insured tree care specialists, we’re proud to offer a wide range of arborist services like tree removals, tree cabling & bracing as well as pruning and trimming of trees.

Arborist Services in Austin, Texas


Arborists have to be well-versed in arboriculture. This is the study of trees and how they grow. In order to secure their positions as proper custodians of trees, they have to study this subject for years.

The health of the trees around us is not just important to us but to the entire environment. That is why arborists must know every angle there is to tree care. Taking care of trees is a very specialized practice, and it not only requires a great deal of knowledge but a lot of skill and experience as well. Many of the tree care services involve climbing high into the branches. Not everyone can do this since it can be very dangerous and it requires serious training. Moreover, you shouldn’t be afraid of heights if you intend to do this yourself.

Arborist Services: Pruning is a main service for arborists


One of the main services arborists provide for cities, states and other organizations is tree pruning. Although branches are­ certainly important to a tree, it can be necessary to remove branches to promote proper health and growth for the whole tree. If, for example, branches rub against each other, it might damage a tree’s bark.

In this case, arborists will remove them if they grow too close together. They will also remove branches that are too weak or which are diseased, insect-infested or in the process of dying. Only one dead branch can cause the entire tree to die slowly. Moreover, limbs that create a hazard or obstruction for people, including car drivers, need to be cut as well for safety’s sake.


Arborists as consultants


In rare cases, entire trees sometimes have to be cut by arborists, too. But this will always be a last resort if nothing else can help anymore. An arborist will only remove a tree if it’s dying or dead, if it causes an obstruction or hazard that can’t be fixed by pruning or if it rests in a spot that will undergo construction. But this can also happen if a business wants to remove a certain number of trees to develop new buildings and create an infrastructure. Under those circumstances, an arborist can approve or deny any plans and provide consulting on future plans for tree planting around the new development. Should businesses illegally remove trees without the permission of the city, arborists have the ability to issue citations with big fine.


Arborist services after a storm


Storms can cause lots of damage to trees, and after a storm it’s an arborist’s job to safely clean up the mess. They clear away any branches or limbs that fall onto the road or on top of houses, cars and power lines. They also remove any trees irreversibly damaged by the storm.

Finally, many arborists are typically eager to promote tree planting and tree growth, and have extensive knowledge about how and where to plant trees. Location is especially important in tree planting. Knowing the specific climates and regions in which a tree can thrive and being aware of the various diseases and insects a tree can fall prey to will ultimately affect the success of that tree.

How does an arborist actually become an arborist?

Cutting trees and taking care of them


If you thought taking care of trees was a simple, straightforward job, think again. If you thinking of becoming an aborist yourself, you should not think that this is easy. Arborist have to spend a great deal of time studying, preparing and getting experience in the world of trees. That’s why becoming a licensed professional can take years of hard work. Any arborist will typically have to study at any number of two- or four-year college programs, which will result in getting a degree in arboriculture, horticulture or even a combination of the two studies.

But before they can receive one of the in-demand licenses, arborists must take an exam that tests their knowledge, abilities and experience. The largest group of licensed arborists is the Certified Arborist, which is the first certification an arborist can receive. This means that these credential holders usually have basic knowledge of tree science and basic skill in tree care. ISA Certified Arborists must have at least three years of experience before they take the exam, which covers all areas of arboriculture.

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We will provide professional, fast and affordable tree removals and we are using only top-quality materials.


We can do any type of tree pruning using high-quality materials. We're licensed and insured for your protection.


We're able to provide storm clean up services for all types of damages on private or commericial lots.


We offer professional, fast and affordable stump grinding in case that you need to have one fully removed.


We can do local stump removals and grinding throughout e.g. The Hills, Lakeway, Cedar Park, West Lake Hills.


Arborist services include pruning, removing dead branches, planting trees and promoting tree growth. 


For over 25 years, we've been providing professional, fast and reliable tree services, like tree or stump removals and tree pruning services in Austin, Tx. Below are some of our recent works and testimonials.


West Lake Hills, Texas


Lakeway - 03/2018


Cedar Park

100 Year old oak tree clean up

Had a 100 year old oak that needed to get cleaned up and trimmed back off my roof. Top Austin Tree Service and his team are well versed arborists that know a lot more about tree maintenance than simply how to saw branches off. The job was handled quickly and well executed with an excellent yard cleanup after...
Spencer M. - Austin

Palm Tree Trimming in Austin

Top Austin Tree Service trimmed our palm tree. They were professional, did a good job cleaning up, reasonably priced, easy to communicate with, and did what they said they would. Our palm tree looks so much healthier with its new haircut 🙂 We will be returning customers for our trees needs and maintance.

Doris Z. - Austin

Quick Tree Removal

I called Top Austin Tree Service to have a tree removed. They were very responsive and came out the same day to give me a free estimate. The following morning, they immediately began the removal of my tree. They definitely get work done as quickly as possible.

I appreciate their professionalism and they explained to me all steps of the job. I highly recommend Top Austin Sree service for any tree trimming or removal needs you have at your residence.

Barrett W. - Austin, Texas

Our tree service contractor company is based in Austin, Texas, since 1995. With a team of experienced arborists, we have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable tree and arborist services.




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