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With a team of experienced & licensed tree care service specialists, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial arborist services in the Austin, Texas, area.

How a tree works

Before we discuss pruning, we need to consider what a tree is and how it works. An appreciation of the processes involved in the growth of tree will help us to understand the principles behind pruning.

A tree is a dynamic, living organism that has a self-supporting woody stem. Through the process of photosynthesis the tree converts carbon from the atmosphere into sugars, which it uses to make the building blocks of cellulose and lignin required to sustain its self-supporting structure. The sugars produced are transported throughout the tree via the inner bark area, known as the phloem, to where they are required; sugars not immediately required are stored within the trunk, branches and rooting system.

The tree roots absorb water and other essential nutrients and minerals from the soil, which are then transported to the leaves via tubular vessels called xylem. The minerals, along with the sugars produced via photosynthesis, are used to produce the flower and subsequently fruit to advance the next generation of trees.

Why prune your tree?

Even though most people don’t know about it, there exist a million reasons why trees might need pruning. They reach from improving the tree structure, to removing dangerous or defective branches; the reduction of shading, the reduction of wind loading or to provide clearance between the tree and a structure – to name just a few. You have to be careful when a branch is removed that is too big. This is because it can lead to disease entering the tree via the wound/s which are left behind, or it might reduce the vitality of tree due to the excessive volume of leaf bearing material being cut off.

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

Pruning and trimming are both excellent landscaping services that can yield beautiful and practical results in your yard. Most of the times, these terms can be used interchangeably, but you should to know that pruning and trimming actually have quite distinct applications and functions. Each of them with their own equipment and timetables. Learn about the difference between tree pruning versus tree trimming to give your Austin landscape exactly what it needs.

When to Use Pruning Versus Trimming

Did you know that pruning is mainly associated with trees and shrubs, whose health and growth capabilities can be greatly improved when you’re finally cutting off all of those infected, dead, and broken branches? Proper tree pruning will remove the potential safety hazards which are associated with falling branches and it will certainly add to your yard’s aesthetic.   

Trimming, on the other hand, is applied to shrubs and hedges for landscape design purposes so you can control tree shapes and sizes. Besides promoting a clean look, trimming will alleviate excessively thick and dense bushes which block essential sunlight and vital moisture from reaching your plants and trees.

Pruning and trimming require different equipment

It is quite obvious that pruning as well as trimming both involve cutting off branches from a tree. Only the tools utilized for this will vary. Pruning of trees is mainly performed with two different kinds of sheers: hand sheers, which are used to cut stems up to three-quarter inches in diameter, and loping sheers, which have longer handles and the capacity to cut through stems as thick as one and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. In difficult cases, a pruning saw may also be needed when the branches are too thick. While sheers may be used to trim trees, most of the trimming is done with manual, electric and gas powered clippers.

Why you need a professional arborist

If you can understand what the difference between pruning versus trimming is, you can easily determine whether you need to hire a tree care professional. In those cases where you only need simple, bi-annual trimming, all you need to really do is buy a pair of hedge clippers and you can do it by yourself. But if, on the other hand, your yard has tons of tall trees and shrubs which call for pruning from dangerous heights or near power lines and other hazards, the best thing is to hire a professional. Timing and frequency are also determining factors. If your landscape has multiple trees and shrubs which need expert attention to simultaneous timetables, you might also be better off to just hire a professional to get the job done.

Pruning and trimming are essential landscaping techniques that keep your yard gorgeous year-round. By understanding the difference between the two, you can make informed decisions that directly affect the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Call us today if you want us to do the tree trimming and pruning for you:

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For over 25 years, we’ve been providing professional, fast and reliable tree services, like tree or stump removals and tree pruning services in Austin, Tx. Below are some of our recent works and testimonials.


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Cedar Park

100 Year old oak tree clean up

Had a 100 year old oak that needed to get cleaned up and trimmed back off my roof. Top Austin Tree Service and his team are well versed arborists that know a lot more about tree maintenance than simply how to saw branches off. The job was handled quickly and well executed with an excellent yard cleanup after…
Spencer M. – Austin

Palm Tree Trimming in Austin

Top Austin Tree Service trimmed our palm tree. They were professional, did a good job cleaning up, reasonably priced, easy to communicate with, and did what they said they would. Our palm tree looks so much healthier with its new haircut 🙂 We will be returning customers for our trees needs and maintance.

Doris Z. – Austin

Quick Tree Removal

I called Top Austin Tree Service to have a tree removed. They were very responsive and came out the same day to give me a free estimate. The following morning, they immediately began the removal of my tree. They definitely get work done as quickly as possible.

I appreciate their professionalism and they explained to me all steps of the job. I highly recommend Top Austin Sree service for any tree trimming or removal needs you have at your residence.

Barrett W. – Austin, Texas

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