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Top-Quality Tree Care Service in Austin Texas

We have been providing high-quality tree care services and tree removals as well as stump grinding at affordable prices since 1995.

Expert Austin Tree Services & Tree Removals

Based in Austin, Texas, we have been providing high-quality tree services at affordable prices since 1995.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for All Tree Services

Based in Austin, Texas, we have been providing high-quality tree removals, tree pruning and tree planting services at affordable prices since 1995.


Need to have several trees removed from your garden or backyard? Contact us today to save up to 10% on your project if you are a senior cizizen. Call us at +1 (512) 598 1717 to request a quote

About Us

Your Trusted Tree Service Contractor in Austin

Like humans, plants are susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases. They are also affected by insects, and other pests that infest, defoliate, and vector disease to other trees.

This can lead to trees declining in health which makes them unpredictable. Our team at Top Austin Tree Service performs tree removal in Austin to the highest industry standards. We are here to serve the residents of Austin and the surrounding areas and take care of their Tree Removal needs.

We often remove trees in tight and sensitive locations.  Storm damage clean ups are also part of our job since hazardous tree removal is one of our specialties. We are here to help Austin homeowners and contractors alike!

Over 25 Years Reputation for Arborist Excellence

We have over 25 years experience providing top-quality tree services in Austin, Texas. We’re dedicated to customer services and will do our best until you’re satisfied.


We offer new senior customers $10% discount on our tree services like tree removals or tree planting


Don’t choose between quality and affordability. We offer flexible financing option to help you get you pay for it over time


We offer a free complete tree inspection for new customers. Contact us today for more details

Tree Removal Service in Austin, Texas

Like people, trees have a life expectancy. If this life expectancy is exceeded, the tree is sick or in danger of collapse, it may be necessary to cut down a tree. Other reasons can be construction projects or too much shading. If one considers the entire tree population of an object, it is also often sensible to remove certain trees in favour of competing trees with a higher garden value.

In addition to normal tree felling, we specialise in those where the tree cannot be felled in its entirety: In this case the tree is removed using rope climbing techniques. This means that branch and trunk sections are roped down so that underlying buildings or plantations are not damaged. 

Compared to working with aerial work platforms, tree felling with rope climbing technology has several advantages, one of which is its independence of location: heavy machinery such as work platforms require wide access routes, firm ground and a safe footing – a narrow garden gate is enough for the tree climber. Wherever the working platform causes ground damage due to its high ground pressure, climbers and ground helpers work almost without leaving any residue. No stopping zones or even roadblocks do not have to be set up.

If you want to keep the trunk wood, we cut the appropriate trunk and branch pieces to the length of the chimney. Otherwise, we will gladly take care of the removal and disposal of the tree.

What We Do

Our Services for Austin, Texas


We will provide professional, fast and affordable tree removals and we are using only top-quality materials.


We can do any type of tree pruning using high-quality materials. We're licensed and insured for your protection.


We're able to provide storm clean up services for all types of damages on private or commericial lots.


We offer professional, fast and affordable stump grinding in case that you need to have one fully removed.


We can do local stump removals and grinding throughout e.g. The Hills, Lakeway, Cedar Park, West Lake Hills.


Arborist services include pruning, removing dead branches, planting trees and promoting tree growth. 


For over 25 years, we've been providing professional, fast and reliable tree services, like tree or stump removals and tree pruning services in Austin, Tx. Below are some of our recent works and testimonials.


West Lake Hills, Texas


Lakeway - 03/2018


Cedar Park

100 Year old oak tree clean up

Had a 100 year old oak that needed to get cleaned up and trimmed back off my roof. Top Austin Tree Service and his team are well versed arborists that know a lot more about tree maintenance than simply how to saw branches off. The job was handled quickly and well executed with an excellent yard cleanup after...
Spencer M. - Austin

Palm Tree Trimming in Austin

Top Austin Tree Service trimmed our palm tree. They were professional, did a good job cleaning up, reasonably priced, easy to communicate with, and did what they said they would. Our palm tree looks so much healthier with its new haircut 🙂 We will be returning customers for our trees needs and maintance.

Doris Z. - Austin

Quick Tree Removal

I called Top Austin Tree Service to have a tree removed. They were very responsive and came out the same day to give me a free estimate. The following morning, they immediately began the removal of my tree. They definitely get work done as quickly as possible.

I appreciate their professionalism and they explained to me all steps of the job. I highly recommend Top Austin Sree service for any tree trimming or removal needs you have at your residence.

Barrett W. - Austin, Texas

Our tree service contractor company is based in Austin, Texas, since 1995. With a team of experienced arborists, we have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable tree and arborist services.




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